The Plot | 21.06.2017

For our short film, we are more focussed on the camerawork and editing in post-production. Our initial idea was a fashion short film with a grunge pallet, which conveys recklessness with intoxicating substances: such as smoking. However, due to living arrangements of our actors, this plan was scrapped.

The new plan is a story of a girl. A girl that goes to a Grammar School, is respected (conveyed through badges) and loved by her parents, shown by school photos and a hug goodbye when she leaves for school.

We see the girl mundanely getting ready for school and as she leaves, she says bye to parents and talks of the day ahead. A few steps from leaving, she lights a cigarette, goes to a place (such as a park) and removes her uniform to reveal other clothes. She then begins to drink alcohol and gets out something sensitive; such as an appointment for an abortion clinic- which could be shortly followed by seeing a woman with a pram or children. It could end with crying, a sudden tap on the shoulder, entering a surgery or even a man’s house.

There will be a change in colour palate, going from bright and happy to grungy and sad. As the girl becomes more sad and after drinking, in post production we will take inspiration from the researched Anattic’s ‘On the edge of Grunge’ and speed up and rewind shots to convey mental instability. The camera work will change from still, elegantly composed tripod shots, to handheld/Steadicam shots- once again portraying her mental state.

Things to do:

1# Trial a Steadicam
2# Agree on a location and date
3# Actress
4# Decide on a main event; i.e. mental health service, pregnancy test, abortion clinic


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