Early Days Brainstorming… | 07.09.2017

Me and my partner Kieran have no limitations to what out storyline is, the real question is simply; Is it achievable? In the past when we worked together for our A2 Project, we made a 2 minute opening for a light-hearted musical. I think we both can agree that this time round a musical is maybe not the best of ideas.

The genres I particularly am interested in are: Horror, Comedy, Thriller and Experimental. In summer this year, we were set a task for the LAFTA’s competition to create a short film and we had the buzz-word of Shampoo. For this I tries to make an experimental film that’s goal was to portray mental health. However the problem with the experimental genre is despite the aesthetical look, it can leave the viewer confused and in-clear about the storyline.

This time round, I personally would love to do a thriller/ horror. We thought of a few initial ideas from thinking of starting scenes, such as…

Idea I | A horror where by we layer shots to give the illusion of a poltergeist or ghostly affect with things appearing disappearing and objects being tampered with.
Idea II | Dependant on location permissions, a trial around a murder that the viewer can get involved with as the film progresses.
Idea III | Much inspired by the This Is England Series, a woman takes the fall for the death of someone else and the film isn’t in chronological order, but is screened much like the style of Tarrentino.
Idea IV | A thriller containing the story of a clown. This clown is lonely and has flashbacks during a game of scrabble alone, and in the end the clown kills himself and all the way through, camera work shows his mental instability.


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