The Written Pitch | 10.09.2017

We have decided that we want our film to be of the thriller genre and our ideas came from on starting scene;

A girl is sat against the wall in a hallway. The front door has blurry windows and through it is seen flashing lights and a yellow flouressent figure who is banging at the door asking to “open up”. The woman’s breathing gets louder as the whit noise in the background gets louder and louder then the sound stops and titles starts. The rest of the film would be an explanation of how she got to this position and we had the idea of it being that someone has been killed but she has been framed or has taken then fall for it- even though it was not her fault

Our idea so far is with three characters, a male, a female and an anonymous character whom is killed by the woman. The film follows the police case and as the tension increases, the man confesses.


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