Research- Genre | 13.09.2017

For my film, I wish it to be a thriller and really, thriller is just one general genre that devises into sub genres. Thrillers give a sense of suspense, surprise and anxiety. Thrillers often contain red-herrings, plot twists and cliff-hangers.

Common themes and happenings of thrillers are; paranoia, obsession, false accusations and plot twists. For our short film , the main twist of the story is athe_a_team26.jpg false accusation by the police and with suspense brought on by the opening. Like Tarrentino films, the film’s sequence order is not chronological to the story and the film uncovers how the starting situation is caused.

It is to note that the sub genres of thrillers, there is Action Thrillers such as The A Team (2010) . Psychological Thrillers such as Gone Girl (2014) and Crime Thriller, (2015) Legend. However both films come under many categories and in the future I am going to analyse true Thriller films and analyse the camera work and sound design. 



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