This is England’86, Ep 4 | 15.08.2017

The scene that I want to analyse is about 25 minutes into the episode. This is where Lol goes to see her dad to confront him of her atie1busive history and his most recent sexual attack.

As seen in the screen-grab, the Mise-en-scene is very bland and mundane. The blinds are shut, there is little furniture and the outfits are nothing special.

From 00.27.00 onwards there is a long lasting two shot filmed on a Steadicam. Initially I thought Lol seemed like the vulnerable one in the situation as most the time she won’t look at her dad, however the whole time he is staring at her. On the other hand, Lol is pacing around and the viewer can tell that she is trying to act hard. But then her Dad begins to abuse her.  At 00.31.48, we see blurry, slow motion close ups of Lol killing her dad. Then there begins cross-dissolves (00.32.25) between Lol’s violence and her Dad struggling. tie2.png

After the man is killed there are multiple shots of buildings (00.33.29) of the outside world, symbolising that everything else is ‘normal’ and no body knows of what Lol has just done.

We then see a shot from a car boot of character, Combo innocently walking to Lol’s home. He knock on the door and then looks through the blinds and sees what has happened.

Combo barges the door open and checks the pulse of the Dad (00.35.11). Lol is in the background, obviously traumatised. The only sound is diegetic and is mainly Lol’s heavy breaths. Combo begins to tell Lol a story, a new story of how her Dad died. From 00.37.30+, Combo begins to knock things over and put his fingerprints on the murder weapon. The shot is composed so that we see Lol in the background.tie3.png Combo begins to slap himself and kick the man. All of this meant there was the evidence to send Combo to prison for murder.

Our short film won’t be as graphic and sensitive as Meadow’s This Is England scene, but how Combo and Lol react in this scene is something I wanted to analyse for my short film. It is important to make the dialogue and movements look believable.



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