Using Cinematography to create Comedy | 22.09.2017

As mentioned in the previous post, we wish to take inspiration from Edgar Wright and his Cornetto Trilogy: Hot Fuzz (2007), Shaun Of the Dead (2004) and The World’s End (2013).

Rather than the comedy coming from the actors and improvisation, Wright is innovative and keeps the viewer entertained and surprised.  I.e. Wright isn’t stereotypical- as talked about in this video, the process of movement isn’t mundane shots, it quick shots describing an awful journey. Within the Cornetto Trilogy, Wright uses camera work to show problems, realisation, panic and routine. This is something that will be very useful for our short film!

The post bellow is about modern comedies which don’t focus on the actual film making and are “lightly edited improv” and Kieran and I want a visual comedy. The clip talking about traveling. Be inventive, don’t use generic shots to show a car journey but be innovative! Or showing the viewer a message that the character is too dumb to notice – the TV channel switching. Matching scene transitions (06.15) in the video bellow is also something pretty cool that viewers would find funny, alike the bed one. And well positioned objects in the frame- such as background objects.

Edgar Wright’s ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’ 2010, is also something I would like to watch and analyse but is not part of the cornetto trilogy.




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