So who is our Target Audience? | 23.09.2017

From a starting point, our target audience for our short comedy is anybody really. The type of comedy we have determines the certificate, for example U & PG’s suggest the film is for younger children but also adults. However 12 suggests more mature comedy and then 15 & 18 very rude explicit comedy, such as ‘R’ rated American Pie and Edgar Wright’s Cornetto films which we have taken our inspiration from. Edgar Wright’s ‘Hot Fuzz’ (2007) is rated by the BBFC as a 15 due to its ‘several uses of strong language, two uses of very strong language and the violence and horror’ contained. The BBFC wrote that there are multiple uses of the word “c**t”, which can be regarded as highly offensive, but due to its comedy through out , the rating was a 15.

After research of sub genres within comedy I found that woman are more appealed to romantic-comedies, such as ‘Bridesmaids’ (2011), and men are more appealed to action-comedies such as ‘Central Intelligence’ (2016).

We are making our film in the UK and due to its school environment, are age category would be suited to 15-25 year olds. Upon research, I found this data (bellow) on a Slide Share showing the genre rankings within the UK. This research shows that our chosen genre is the top genre the that 16+ year olds like to watch. targetaudience-121112102410-phpapp01-1

On this same presentation, I found the statistics for the Comedy genre in Box Office. It shows that comedy is ranked 3rd with 18% market share. This comes after big budget Action/Adventure films such as Marvel and DC Comic films. However, bellow that is another table showing that Comedy is the most top grossing genre which creates the biggest revenue overall- indicating that comedy appeals to such a large audience.targetaudience-121112102410-phpapp01-4


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