2015 Hot Fuzz | 24.09.2017

The first comedy film analysis is of Wright’s 2015 Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg as Angel and Nick frost. The write up of the film on Netflix is ‘A top London cop is assigned to investigate a seemingly sleepy town which suddenly starts to stir with a series of grisly “accidents”.’ The write-up leaves a lot of mystery to the storyline however does indicate that it is a comedy.

The Intro of the film, and in fact all the way through, has quick cuts. Quick Cuts are something the Wright utilises a lot in all the Cornetto Trilogy. They show panic, realisation or just simply is a new way of showing action.

After watching the film, I’ve made note of a few examples of shots and scenes that could inspire the story of our film.

00.05.17: Angel is on a positive, trying to stay working in London and believes that his co-workers agree. There is a loud sound build up which stops after cutting to his co-workers with balloons cheering. In fact, this leads onto a common theme with in the film where by serious, professional acting and shots are ruined by something silly, or an accident. In our film, the girl could be trying to get things together, i.e. gathering notes and then proceeding to drop them in a puddle.

00.07.30: This whole scene, (which is contained in the previous post, Using Cinematography to create Comedy) is showing Angel’s transport from one place to another but using innovative situations and quick chf1uts that show repeated failure.

00.17.01: There is a close of Angel’s face, and then a cake enters the frame and is just hovering there- in a classroom environment during a close-up of panic, this would be a good idea.

00.19.18: This is nothing special but I thought it was quite cool. The Policeman screws up a piece of paper and throws it behind him which cuts to the next shot- the girl could screw up an important piece of paper by accident and then that cut to a situation whereby she needs it.

The rest of the film was still edited well, but these are the main aspects, after so long, the acting is more funny as innocent old people are not as innocent as they possess guns and are all violent.


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