Script Research | 25.09.2017

I found this helpful diagram bellow in order to help understand script writing and what commands and positioning’s mean what.sample-screenplay-page

This is screenplay/shooting script. Scripts indicate what is happening through the camera and what is happing through the viewfinder. One page of screenplay, is roughly one minute of film- or this is at least a tactic used by producers to estimate the time of a film.

The main components are:
‘Action’ – what the viewer sees and hears, written in the present tense
‘Narration’ – the speech with-in a scene
‘Character’ – stating who is doing what

Screenplays for official films, are normally between 90-120 pages long and for our short film, we aim for our minimum to be 5 pages long.

To write our script, we will use writer duet so that it can be a dual process and a script we can both edit at the same time.


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