Our last ‘Final Idea’ | 26.09.2017

This is a quoted post from my partner, Kieran’s blog (https://a2crossk.wordpress.com/) so that both our blogs both have written the same idea

Today, is when I shall release the final outline for our film. Over the last few weeks, it has changed both ideas, locations and themes multiple times, but the idea we have now is final, and will be the one that we intend on using to film with in the upcoming weeks.

Our previous ideas have used the theme of clowns, or those with split-personality disorders, but the latest and final idea, although not the best of the ones we’ve had available, is the one we feel that, given the constraints that have appeared, is the one we can film and produce in the most easy methods possible.

Our final idea, consists of a story. We open with a shot of a girl screwing up a ball of paper from a diary. She’s laying on her bed, writing. Within the room, we see it’s lit in a stereotypical “girly” way – candles and dim. We continue to see her write into her diary book, and similarly continue to see her screw up the paper and throw it in a nearby bin. We focus on her writing in her book, when we here her voiceover start, following as she writes. This voiceover continues with us for the remainder of the film.

We begin to see the girl’s day, as she wakes up late and makes her journey to school. A series of unlucky events occur throughout her day, which includes her tripping on a curb and dropping everything, being soaked by a car, being late for school (which is in-progress with a fire-drill) and forgetting her work. During this, we’re trying to portray the film in a comedic effect, and in the same style as Edgar Wright – director of many films, but including those which are members of the Cornetto Trilogy – the set of films for which the style we would like to replicate.

We want to portray the film to be funny. As the girl waits at her bus-stop, after the viewer is watching her for an inexcusable amount of time, we’re going to show her soaked by a car. As she trips on the curb, we want to have her fall in a funny manner, not just as a regular fall. We’re wanting to use the style of Edgar Wright for this, as it he has a great set of methods for creating comedy out of footage and screenplay which otherwise is not funny. Edgar Wright’s style of comedy, in the Cornetto Trilogy, is one made by quick and clever editing, not just the screenplay.


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