Make Up initial thoughts | 09.10.2017

We have decided that due to my work commitments and the practicality of making our film, it’d be best if I was the main actor as I will be reliable. 
One thing that has been on my mind alot is the make up. Should it be just bare faced? Or natural? Heavy and pretty, school-girl like with the freakles and glasses? Or should it be against all make-up conventions with blue eyeshadow, orange foundation and an awful coloured lipstick? After consideration, I have thought that due to the fact it is autumn, and our character is a late teenage girl, it’d be best having a basic autumnal look. For this I used, 

Above is what I used to prime and prepare my face. Oil, as it will give the skin a dewy look on the camera, an eye moisturiser to lift my eyes and a skin primer that is luminous, yet again to give a dewy look. 

Then I used Foundation to cover the face and make it an even colour and used concealer to highlight key areas (nose, chin, Cupid’s bow and eyes).

Then I used banana powder to make the face not reflective and ghost looking when lights are on it – this will he helpful when using 3point lighting as it will compliment the face.

Then I lined the lips and used a dark lipstick that compliments the eye make up and doesn’t make teeth look yellow.

Lastly, the eye makeup. I used a brown automonal palette (with glitter) and roller lash mascara. I also topped the look with false eyelashes as they make the eyes look more open and bigger and due to having a fringe, without defined eyes, it makes the eyes almost disappear and very small.

The finished look. We need a hair style that is easily replicable therefore I think it would be best to have it down and natural with a curled in fringe.


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