Let’s dive in with ideas | 06.11.2017

I have started with thinking of locations and people that I can use and building a story around these, initial ideas included an aesthetically pleasing to the eye film about horses or a story of a boy who wants to be a pilot. But then thinking of previous ideas, I really like the idea of having voice overs and sound bridges.

Above is an exert from Trainspotting with a voice over from Ewan McGregor and the voice over that is heard is all about choosing life and living it to the full, whilst what is seen on screen is portraying his words. This is the turn I would like my short film to make, however I would like to include sound bridges where by someone is seen being spoken to which cuts to what could be flashbacks.

A movie that has been mentioned before is Rupert Goold’s 2015 ‘True Story’. It is a film I really like, but then there is an scene (bellow) whereby Franco is describing the death of his family, and as he talking about the way his daughter dies, there is then the beautiful shot of the teddy dropping into the suitcase to portray what Franco is saying.

So how can I link this technique to a short film?

Well I am fascinated by Schizophrenia and the stories of schizophrenic patients. I also like the idea of finding a way to portray mental health with cinematography and colour palettes. I feel quite passionate towards an idea whereby a schizophrenic patient perhaps comes out of hiding from their illness and confides in maybe a psychiatrist and as s/he describes their illness, there are flashbacks and glitches in their mind.


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