So what genre does this lead to? | 06.11.2017

There are three genres that come to mind: Drama, Thriller and Biographical. Being keenly interested in schizophrenia makes me think that I have a lot of case studies and know of real patient’s stories from documentaries, articles and real life. However creating a biographical film means re-creating a truthful story and acquiring permissions to share a person’s story. Therefore, I then believe creating a film under the drama or thriller genre would be best. However, a thriller would suggest suspense (found in my previous Thriller Genre blog post), and perhaps gore, whilst this is more a help story. I think that it would be best if my next steps were to watch, research and make notes of drama’s that portray mental health. Dramas portray serious representations of real life. I need to analyse scenes with doctors, psychiatrists, I need to make note of how shots are composed. Are they still? Are they disorientated? Do they replicate mental state, and if so how?

Films to watch…

1999, James Mangold’s Girl Interrupted

2011, Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind … This is a true story of my previously spoken about John Forbes Nash Jr in ‘Firstly Let’s try to understand Schizophrenia’.



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