Conventions of a Short Film | 07.10.2017

One thing that I never sat and researched when initially doing the short film project with Kieran was the codes and conventions of a short film. So my short film is 5 minutes long, give or take 10%. In this,  need an opening, a clear narrative and an ending. Short films typically contain about two or three characters and the story line of the film and the plot line for the film needs to be apparent to the viewer very quickly due to it being a short film. they commonly contain a twist in order to keep the viewer entertained.

A conventions of short films, which applies strongly to my film is Narrative Enigmas. This is where it is not fully apparent to the audience what the starting point or story of the film is, until it gets going, the film starts as a mystery and intrigues the viewer. For my film I am thinking of making a Shane Meadow’s inspired happy jolly montage of clips which completely juxtaposes my whole short film.

Short films tend to be made by independent directors who don’t have the sufficient balances or aid to create a full 120 minute film. Therefore, short films typically have a low budget which means few actors and locations, however that is what you would expect of a short film.


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