Finalised idea | 07.11.2017

The film starts with a non-diegetic upbeat song. Two people are seen walking and pointing by a busy road. Then playing pool, drinking and then a child releases a balloon into the air. The music then stops. Next is the woods, the schizophrenic patient wakes up and is panicking, there is a voice-over of a woman counsellor speaking. She is asking about how he feels. As a paranoid schizophrenic, he responds with saying he is being watched. The entire time, we never see the female, we only see her shoulder from over the shoulder shots. What is seen cuts between the woods and the appointment. The patient begins to panic as they are scared that they’ll be punished. As he opens his eyes, he realises that there is no counsellor there, he is alone and she was a hallucination.

Why have I chosen this way to portray mental Illness?

I want only the schizophrenic patient’s face and therefore identity to be seen throughout the whole film as the film is about isolation of the mind, and ironically, that they are being watched, and to these external voices in his head, he is all that is important. The patient then beings a battle of self conflict, as the voices within his head are not allowing him to talk to anybody- but the person he believes that he is speaking to, is non-existent, it too is a delusion. The aim of the film is to show how trapped and vulnerable schizophrenic persons are.


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