Girl Interrupted, film analysis | 07.11.2017

The film opens with mundane music and imagery with a cryptic message of the ending of the film. This opening is then followed by a meeting with a psychiatrist. Girl interrupted is set in the 60’s and so smoking is not a known issue and is allowed indoors, in the specific scene it is used very well, but due to OCR guidelines, I do not wish to explicitly show substance abuse. However, in Girl Interrupted, it is used to further portray illness as smoking and pecription drugs are ways people use to loose weight. As you watch the film, you discover that there are two girls with anorexia and they both take to this method. But more importantly, the theraphy session; I managed to find an extract from this scene of the film, this is the most important part of the film for me to analyse as it is a psychiatric therapy session.
What have I found?

  • She is silent at the start and avoids eye contact, she looks at the floor
  • They are sat far away from one another
  • It starts with just close up shots, until he the therapist suggest the solution of Claymore, the mental institute, then it is over the shoulder shots
  • You can see her stopping and heavily breathing in panic
  • The therapist always maintains eye contact and is calm and stationary, whilst she is figity


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