My idea | 07.11.2017

This is my initial idea for my short film which after completing my research, I can develop it more.

The film will open with pretty shots of people living a ‘normal’ life – i.e. playing pool and over this will be the opening credits. There would be a build up of white noise which cuts to a dark room that is set as a therapy session with the main male actor and a female psychiatrist.

The male will be dressed in a very odd way and will say about how he thinks people watching him and out to get him and that he hears voices. As the male is talking , there is a voice over where we can then see the events happening. I would like to contrast an enclosed meeting dark meeting with the male isolated and outdoors. I can take advantage of the weather and use pathetic fallacy as autumn/fall can convey sadness, a new start, coldness, isolation and autumn is full of warm colours which represent anger and therefore the self frustration the Schizophrenic patient suffers.


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