The opening | 07.11.2017

In Kieran and mine’s initial idea back in September, I think it became apparent my love for Shane Meadow’s work, particularly ‘This is England’. The opening to the films and each series it was opening with a montage of short clips played with an upbeat song. Bellow is an example from ‘This is England’88’ with relevant clips of the year with ‘What Difference Does it Make’ by the Smiths, which is also relevant to the year.

In my previous post, I expressed how I would like the opening with the credits to be a sequence of nice shots that show a ‘normal’ late teenage/ early adult life. Obviously my sequence will not be as long as Meadow’s and is only expect it to take between 30-45 seconds.

The reason I would like to do this is that it will be fun to do and experiment with. The general film will have semantics of isolation and sadness, therefore I’d like a contrasting opening which will portray happiness and ‘normality’ that a life over-ran with Schizophrenia can’ t live. I would like to try and keep the facial identity of characters in the start out as much as possible, as it is not necessary, I would more like to focus on the action.



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