Where do I start? | 08.11.2017

Scripting. How? What? What does a counsellor say and speak like? Are there stereotypical questions? How do I ‘kick-off’ the dialogue?

All questions that ran through my head whilst staring at an empty Writer Duet page. With a Shane Meadow’s inspired introduction, how do I start the serious counselling scene? Answer: do some research.

I found an article on Psych Central which indicates the ’10 introductory questions that therapists commonly ask’ (link to post). From this, the main ones I found were:

  • What Brings you here?
  • Have you ever seen a counsellor before?
  • Overall, how would you describe your mood?

These are all good, straight to the point starting questions, but where would they take the conversation?

What Brings you here?

A schizophrenic response:  Doctors. Things getting out of hand. Auditory hallucinations convinced to seek help. To prove normality.

Have you ever seen a counsellor before?

This question then can go onto the confidentiality agreement, which is the agreement that what is said stays private, unless the person is at harm or of harm to anybody else- and this specific schizophrenic character is paranoid. They need that reassurance that they are not being watched or things said are not being passed down, but instead, remains private. This can then also further portray a counselling environment and a professional trying to help.

Overall how would you describe your mood?

Upon reflection of my research, a schizophrenic person does not fully have a mood, they are more ambivalent. Perhaps the simple work of Ambivalent would be a good response to that question. As a schizophrenic person’s speech and speech process is quite disorganized and illogical sometimes.

I feel like my best starting like is ‘Have you ever seen a counsellor before’ is the best as it sets the scene and environment straight away. There is then no questioning from the viewer as to what is going on.





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