Sound | 11.10.17

I quite obviously require both diegetic sound that purports from the film itself, but also non-diegetic, external sound. My intentions for the opening of my film require a song over it, the song I can visualise is Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’.

Over the last few days I have had conversations with a friend with a degree in Audio Engineering and one with a studio, and they have said that with my time constraints, I have two options. Option number one, alter the tones of an existing track, however, this is a grey area around copy right, or look online at Royalty Free Music. The concept of Royalties of songs, I have never understood, and so, I did research. The music industry is a means whereby music is delivered to us where its aim is to create money. And so ultimately, not all music can be free as they would not be able to make a living on what they do best. The music is made and then produced by a record company and is then distributed as a means whereby we can hear it. Royalties are a small amount of money paid to the composers, musicians, writers and record companies each time a song is exploited via radio, TV, to CD or as download.  Royalty free music, also knows as stock music (much alike stock fonts and images) is recorded sound can be licensed to customers to use for film, TV ect. Royalty free music is the kind of sound that I need for my film. However, I looked at sites like Free Music Archive and Besound and struggled to find a moderately decent piece of music. I then had the bright idea to use Sound Cloud to find a royalty free song, as Sound Cloud contains a lot of D&B remix’s, I found the most perfect indie electric guitar song song ( shown bellow) …

But, my hopes were shattered after finding that I had to pay for the use of it, and so that was the end of that idea.

After looking at a lot of articles on Royalty free music, I found an article by Audioblocks of the top 20 best Royalty Free tracks, and I found one that I really liked, it was not quite what I wanted, but due to the constrains of copyright music, I have to stick with the one that i have found. Thankfully, with Audioblocks, I could get a free 7 Day membership which allows me to download up to 14 tracks. So now I have a track, so next step is to experiment with using it with my film opening.


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