So what would the rating of my film be? | 15.11.2017

I need to give my film a classification, especially as it will be written on both my poster and review. After research on how the BBFC allocate ratings. I believe that my film would be classified under either 12 or 15, and so bellow I have created a checklist to determine which it should be.

Discrimination: None

Drugs: Alcohol inferred in opening

For a 12, the BBFC guidelines say that drugs “can be misused but not glamorised or with any tutorial.”
For a 15,  ” use should not promote or encourage, once again with no instructional detail, and the use of easily accessible substances such as bleach is unlikely to be acceptable.”

In the beginning, a pub setting and drinking is to show young adults having fun, it is not a key theme of the film, and alike many 12/12A rated films such as the 2012 comedy “This Means War”. There for, if referring to the drugs and alcohol section, then the film would suit a 12, but not 12A.

Weapons: None

Behaviour: A schizophrenic who claims he want to commit suicide

For a 12 rated film, the BBFC says “There should not be promotion of behaviour that children could copy ”
And for a 15, “Behaviour like self harm and suicide should not be of great detail but may be portrayed”

The actual theme of the film is of schizophrenia, which is a very dark and upsetting mental illness. Suicide is mentioned in passing, but is not shown nor acted upon. The behaviour of the overall film would probably be rated a 12, but the theme of Schizophrenia, would be rated a 15 due to its sensitivity. An example of a film like this is David O. Russell’s 2012 “Sliver Linings Playbook” (ft Bradley Cooper and Jenifer Lawrence). The film is focused on Bipolar disorder, another psychiatric illness. Despite the film not having strong references to sex, recreational drugs and violence, the film is still rated a 15, and this is due to its sensitive themes.

Language: One use of very mild language – 12

Nudity & Sex: None

Violence & Gore: None

The current conclusion…
So once my film is fully edited, my mind may change.   In aspects such as drugs and language, my film would easily pass as a 12, however I feel like the serious theme of Schizophrenia would make my film a 15.



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