The Name | 15.11.2017

For my script, I names my short film ‘The Voices’. However, I don’t think that is a name I really like and so I have decided to do research on how to name a film and I came across a blog which gave helpful tips on titling a film. These are my more compressed interpretations of the tips found from Chris Jones’ Blog

  • The shorter the better
  • Should hint at the genre
  • It should work in harmony with the artwork of the film poster
  • “You will NEVER be 100% happy with the title” – the blog post states that it will feel like a compromise because somehow you must fit a whole story within a single word or phrase.
  • Don’t be clever, be simple. Titles are not to be figured out or to be a mystery, as that could make audiences move onto a different film.
  • The name should infer the central conflict of the film. For example, JAWS foreshadows a shark that eats people and THE EXORCIST foreshadows the theme of exorcism- the central conflict of my film is hallucinations, paranoia, voices, being watched and a confused perception of life.
  • The last point said “Above all, ‘do what it says on the tin’. The title should honestly and succinctly reflect the story
First Idea

Let’s go onto and search the word ‘Schizophrenia’, the list of words that came up are as follows:  emotional disorder insanity, mental disorder, personality disorder, craziness, delusions, depression, derangement, disturbed mind, emotional disorder, emotional instability, loss of mind, lunacy, madness, maladjustment, mania, mental disease, mental sickness, nervous breakdown, nervous disorder, neurosis, neurotic disorder, paranoia, phobia, psychopathy and psychosis. In bold are my favourite names.

Infact, looking back, ‘Disturbed Mind’ is my favourite. It indicated mental health, but schizophrenia is proven to actual lack parts of the brain, the brain’s normal functions are disturbed, which leads to schizophrenic traits of hallucinations and auditory and visual delusions, which are shown through the film. One bullet point above, says that the name should be linked to the poster. The poster could be a double exposure of the actor, where towards the brain area, I use chemical diagrams. Or I could do a photoshoot with my actor with a long shutter speed as he moves is head.

Final Conclusion : Disturbed Mind





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