Poster Analysis | 20.11.2017

a1a021828eed9508c240922759c25a53--girl-interrupted-winona-ryderFor my poster analysis, I have chosen 2 Drama films that are about mental health. The first is ‘Girl, Interrupted’, which is actually one of my favourite films, but more importantly, is one that I have watched and analysed for this project. In the corner it says ‘Based on a True Story’ which is something that a lot of dramas are and bellow the tittle is the tagline ‘Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy’. This is a quote from the film, but with the based on a true story, it appeals the viewer to watch the film.  Cleverly the face is ripped with the tittle in the middle of it, literally interrupting the girl- 1386099509which is a link to the title.

The second poster, ‘Illness’ has a picture which really captures mental health. I have never seen this film before, but straight away from the poster I can infer that a boy is mentally ill and his family in worried but perhaps not understanding.

A common link between both posters is the mundane colours. In fact scrolling through mental health dramas, most posters were of dark shade or mundane beiges.


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