Poster Image Inspiration | 21.11.2017

For my poster I need to conduct a photoshoot with Jamie, my main actor and carefully plan the location and clothing to portray Schizophrenia. Mental Illness is a strong issue, and making a film on mental illness requires a poster that makes a statement. I went onto Pinterest and bellow have created myself a small Mood board to take inspiration.

There are two obvious common themes amongst all of this art work:

1.They are all Grey scaled and high in Contrast
2.None of them have clear identity, in all of them, only some of the facial features are apparent or the opacity is turned down- and a lack of identity is a powerful message.

For my poster I know that I want the background to be a solid black with my actor on top and all of the text to be White. But what really matters is the image presented. The reason I chose the images above is because they all could be adapted to make a poster.

The two things that I would like to experiment with is actually manually cutting thing out (like Edward Honaker’s work-bottom left), this shows the fragmentation of the mind- a common trait amongst Schizophrenic patients. Or I would like to try  long exposure / taking continuous photos and layering them whilst my actor moves his head. This then shows a scattered mind, lack of control and entrapment.


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