The Photoshoot | 22.11.2017

Bellow are the photos from my Photoshoot with Jamie. It took a lot of playing around with the camera to get what I wanted. I started with turning the lights off, setting the camera to Shutter Priority with a slow shutter speed and the flash on. From this, after a lot of attempts, I realised that the flash being up meant that I would take a still photo which is then followed by the movement. After that, I turned the lights back on again, the flash down and played with different apertures and exposures until I got the affect I wanted, which is seen in my last Thumbnail bellow.

My last photo was with an f/10 Aperture, with 2.5 exposure time at ISO-100 and is exactly what I wanted. I had issues when taking the picture as the tripod I had couldn’t tilt to take portrait photos, so in editing, I shall try to create a portrait background. Bellow is the result of my picture after alterations with expose, clarity, saturation and contrast and I can say that I am happy with this being my poster image.



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