Poster mock-ups & Feedback | 25.11.2017

I have created 3 poster draft mock-ups before proceeding with creating my poster. I have created them vaguely have gained feedback. Despite mentioning in my previous poster blog post saying that I wish to use the last photo, I have still trailed with others, taking inspiration my mood board blog post.

poster idea 1
poster idea 3

poster idea 2

The Feedback

So I made a temporary twitter with a poll to determine what poster design was preferred most. I made a previous post with the three pictures, and then made a Poll. The poster ordering is the same as this blog post, and these were the results:

I gained feed back from friends and family, and my mum’s opinions were …
Poster I : She liked the idea, but it is very harsh looking, it needs to be softer but does not really show mental state.
Poster II: There were two reasons why she didn’t like it (1), The black scribbles and background clash to the point where you can’t separate them. (2), She said it doesn’t link to the title- to me the scribbles mean his head is messy, however she said that the title doesn’t link- therefore if that is the way the target audience thinks, then using this design perhaps isn’t a good idea.
Poster III: She said that poster III is soft on the eye and is eye-catching and links to the title. Also the results of my twitter poll agreed with poster III as my design to carry on with. So that is what I shall work on through the week!




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