The Layout of my Review | 02.12.2017

In order to create a review that looks as close as possible to a real one, we have been instructed to make a “Pixel-Perfect” review in comparison to one from the Empire Magazine- under the guidelines of being a double page spread and featuring the ‘look closer’ section which contains 4/5 facts about the film.

The magazine that I have chosen to look at is from June 2013, which features a double page review of Kosinski’s ‘Oblivion’. An article written by Ollie Roberts. I have mentioned replicating this layout and what It features in a previous post.

This is a photo of the double page (594 x 841 mm) spread I am deciding to replicate for my short film. The written review is a work in progress, however, after a lot of moving, research and playing around, I have so far created a review template that I am happy with (bellow). I also need to find an image to insert as the main photo for my review! But in the mean time I am working on writing my review. Bellow is the half finished review with a vague template of where I ma pitting the text.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.16.21.png


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