The Conventions of Real Media Texts | 11.01.2018

Explain the most significant ways in which your media productions were informed by your understanding of real media texts. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to demonstrate how this understanding developed over time.

Convention: a rule, method or practice established by usage.

Real Products:

Looking at real films, the opening, how characters are introduced, reference what I wanted to do. AS- ‘God Help the Girl’, low budget looking but at A2 took more , i.e Trainspotting Montage/This is England, the close ups, rapid editing – took more influence.


AS, conventions of the two minute opening of a feature film and A2, a five minute short film in its entirety. What real films look like, draw conclusions, closely adhered to the form conventions at A2.
AS, Idents- Dizzy Sloth & TRIProductions, movement, how long they appear for, bold text
A2, a whole story, idents- Auora , Titles , where to put, who to include- beginning cut in with film montage and ended with m film title. Font ‘Bebas Neue’- carefully selected as relative to genre and is bold & striking, with a split in the middle for mental health and to portray the Schizophrenic separation of the mind.



AS- watched God Help the Girl, Grease, Moulin Rouge- Musical genre openings, song straight away? What will the audience expect?
A2- This is England, Trainspotting, True Story, Silver Linings Playbook – storyline, what does the audience see?
Genre Features, Expectations and Pleasures.


A2, Counsellors, how shown, stereotypes
AS, Gay person , character types – subverted audiences’ expectations


Costumes, colour palettes, scenarios/locations, portrayal – i.e. blue balloon.

Technical Conventions

Camera Work- Focus Pulls, osmo DJ , sound design- Soundtrack, Editing fast pace


The Essay

In order to start my media production, I had to understand and look at real media Films. For AS I had to create a two minute opening for a full feature film, with the desired genre of a musical. This meant I had to watch film openings in order to understand how characters are introduced and what aspects of the narrative are revelled. And then through watching musicals, such as Murdoch’s ‘God Help the Girl’, I could understand how what is introduced is specific towards the genre. I found that the characters are introduced with the narrative through an opening song, which is then what we did, for our media production we wrote an opening song which described our narrative of a girl being in love with another girl.

For my A2 Advanced Portfolio, I had to create a five minute film in its entirety. Which meant once again understanding the conventions of what is features in a five minute film and its structure. My A2 production was a story of a male with Schizophrenia, which meant I researched the conventions of the Drama genre, whereby I found that a character encounters an issue which becomes the basis of the narrative. This research made a significant impact to my media production as I became to understand what proximity of a story is told and how it is structured. In my case, I did a Trainspotting montage inspired opening, followed by titles, then the main story, which ended with Schizophrenic facts. Drams tend to be true stories, and some real media texts, such as Goold’s ‘True Story’, end with relevant facts to the film. Through research of real media texts under my genre, enabled me to understand the features, expectations and pleasures, such as the closing facts.

All real media films contain idents. In AS, it was required of us to create idents for our short film. Which meant research on how long they last, how they are written and their movements. Real Media texts impacted my inspiration for the idents significantly, and i created two idents (TRI Productions and Dizzy Sloth), which were both bold, clear and memorable. Which is the same concept for font and titles. Unfortunately for AS, I did not research film titles, which is something that I made sure I did for my A2 project. This meant I did research on typography and inevitable motion of the text- which for my mental health film I used the bold font Bebas Neue with the title ‘Disturbed Mind’ which moved in order to create a split in the middle, which was also relative to genre research I had done around relevant real media texts.

Another way to convey the genre of a film is through the symbolism of the mise-en-scene. Aspects such as colour palette and the locations, were not regarded in as much detail as they should have been, which meant that the locations were of no significance to the plot. However, for my A2 short film, I watched Meadow’s ‘This is England’, and Meadows used locations and items that foreshadows events. Therefore, for my short film, I used a warm colour palette to portray happiness and civilization, and a cool colour palette to portray isolation and loneliness. For my opening montage, I included footage which juxtaposed a schizophrenic person, and ended it with a balloon being let into the air in front of the future used wood location, which portrayed the schizophrenic person being trapped and not free.




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