Genre theory | 29.01.2018

“Apply the concept of Genre to one of your coursework productions.”

Level 4 (21-25 marks).

Candidates demonstrate a clear understanding of genre and relevant media theory and can relate concepts articulately to the production outcome, describing specific elements in relation to theoretical ideas about genre. Candidates offer a range of specific, relevant, interesting and clear examples of how their product can be understood in relation to relevant theories of genre. The use of conceptual language is excellent.

Complex issues have been expressed clearly and fluently using a style of writing appropriate to the complex subject matter. Sentences and paragraphs, consistently relevant, have been well structured, using appropriate technical terminology. There may be few, if any, errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar

The word genre means style and type and categorises large numbers of content and texts into smaller groups which creates a better understanding of the content with in a text. David  Buckingham (1993) said that genre is “not simply ‘given’ by the culture, but is in a constant process of negotiation and change”, genre classification is not systematically distinct, therefore arose the concept and application of Sub-Genres. Multi-genre texts have become popular as Hollywood Global Conglomerates try to incorporate a romance plot in every film, which can be seen in Action-Adventures like Batman and Spider Man. I am going to apply genre theory to my A2 Short film, Disturbed Mind, a short film that follows a young adult opening up to a counsellor about his schizophrenia, however it is found that his mind is deceiving him, and there is no counsellor there. This film could be categorised under the drama genre and psychological genre, as it also takes the viewer on a journey


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